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Selling Process

Selling Process

Sell ​​with Cluttons Algarve


If you want to sell your property, Cluttons Algarve is the agency you are looking for. Cluttons Algarve, with the support of an international brand of great prestige and worldwide exposure, invests in the most adequate marketing means and tools to better publicize and promote the properties. You can always count on the Cluttons Consultant to define the sale price of your property with you, in order to optimize the sale value, but in line with the reality of market prices. We also help you to prepare the property as well as possible for visits with potential buyers and we always follow the entire sale process until the deed.


Required documents


Individual person:

  • Photocopy of ID/Citizen Card;
  • Photocopy of yout fiscal tax number (of all owners and their spouses).


  • Photocopy of the Commercial Certificate (valid for less than 6 months or the Permanent Certificate code);
  • Photocopy of the ID/Citizen Card of the person responsible for the act of signing.


  • Tax/Financial Registration (Caderneta Predial) issued by the tax office where the property is registered (with a date of less than 1 year);
  • Property Use License issued by the City Council (Not necessary if the building is prior to 1951);
  • Property plans;
  • Copy of the Propety Registration Certificate (Certidão Registo Predial) informative document issued by the Land Registry Office (dated less than 1 year);
  • Energetic Certificate;
  • Technical Data (only for properties after 2004).


How to Boost the Sale of your Property


Property Presentation

It is essential to pay attention to some aspects when presenting a property. It has been proven that a potential buyer forms his opinion about a property in the first few minutes of the presentation. Thus, aspects such as: space arrangement, cleanliness, state of conservation and even the smell, are very important details and often decisive for the success of the sale. With Cluttons Algarve you can count on the experience of our agents to help you create the best home staging possible to make your property more attractive to potential buyers. Another aspect that must be considered is the care in preparing the property as best as possible before placing it on the market. Small works are often enough to make the property more appealing and to transmit to buyers the least possible effort to move in.


Marketing strategy

The successful sale of a property depends on a good communication and promotion strategy. Cluttons Algarve is able to help you promote the property in the proper channels, offering a professional service to potential customers, providing all useful information, not only regarding the property, but also the market and purchase process in Portugal. Your property will also be conveniently presented to customers who are in our database and who have the appropriate profile.


Set the right price

Another determining factor for the success of a sale has to do with a price adjusted to the market that does not alienate potential buyers. Too high a value can immediately drive away a potential buyer who gives up on the property even before visiting it. On the other hand, if it is too low, it can also make buyers “distrust” the quality or trustworthiness of the business. Cluttons Algarve has the necessary knowledge and tools to produce a good market survey in order to assist and advise you to set the right price.


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